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A perfect place to be creative.

Smashed Lantern is a warm, inviting recording studio just 15 minutes walk from Central Station. Located in one of the best sounding acoustic spaces in Sydney, the studio is an inclusive, personable and safe environment to produce your next project.


About Zach

Smashed Lantern is owned and run by Zach Walker: a mix engineer, producer and musician with a keen ear for arrangement and song structure. 

Zach has a deep passion for art and believes creativity flows best in a safe, collaborative and constructively critical studio environment. 

He’s worked on a range of varied projects: tracking and recording bands, composing sound and music for video games and animation, live mixes and session recording. 

As an experienced vocalist, he is uniquely equipped to coach and mentor vocalists as they work through the recording process. 

He is also a committed guitarist and frontman and has played in several bands, most notably his shoegaze and art-rock project NYANZA. 

Zach’s mixes are forward and modern sounding, often with textural flourishes and creative production work that give them a unique edge. 


Studio Services



Session Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals



Voiceover recording

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Our Gear

The Studio is equipped with a pair of beautiful, accurate Focal Shape 65s as the main monitors and an Avatone Mixcube



Apollo 8 (with Neve, Manley and API) + UAD-2 Satellite
Warm Audio TB12 Tone beast
Audient ASP800
Rode NTR ribbon
Beezneez James Tube Condensor
Slate ML-1 Vintage edition
Neumann TLM-103
Aston Origin
Sennheiser e906
AKG C214
AKG Perception 200
Lewitt DTP 640 REX 
3 x Lewitt DTP 340 TT 
Stereo Pair Lewitt LCT 340 
Lewitt MTP 440 DM


Musicman American Stingray
Momose Jazzmaster
Squire J Mascis Jazzmaster
Cole Clark FL-1 Acoustic
Gibson SG Bass
1970 Rick bass copy
Vox AC30
Marshall Origin 50
Korg Minilogue
Roland RD-300 GX
+ a selection of guitar pedals


2019 Imac i9 72gb Ram
Logic Pro X
Spectrasonics Keyscape
Slate Plugin Library
UAD plugins
Fabfilter plugins
GetGood Drum Library
Blue Mix-Fi
Direct Sound EX-29


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330 Wattle St, Ultimo

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